Hello ...

I'm Tony Parsons, an award winning caricature artist based in Brighton in the south of England. I've drawn caricatures professionally for over 12 years and I strive to produce the finest caricature commissions in the country.

I set great store in keeping a subjects likeness, indeed I am the winner of the 2011 European Caricature Likeness Award (Voted for by 42 professional caricaturists at the Girona Caricature Convention). Anyone that tells you a caricature isn't supposed to look like the subject has missed the point or doesn't possess the skill required! An accurate and well crafted caricature should be funny yet be more accurate than the subjects own reflection.

This is a speeded up caricature painting of Barry Manilow painted for Back to Back Television for demonstration purposes in a 2012 documentary about plastic Surgery.

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